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Welcome To Health Auric


Health Auric Care Private Limited has been your go-to care companion since 2020. With our complete focus on providing best quality, we have witnessed exponential growth in past years and are among as the leading faces in direct selling and healthcare industry, managing 5 different brands with discrete objectives.

Auric means as precious as Gold, something that inspires us. Auric will give you youthful and lively years ahead and make it a golden period. Thereby Health Auric’s perception of wealth and financial independence is trustworthy and fruitful. A performance of 22+ years lets us understand you and your wellness needs to core which empowers us to perpetuate success for us as well you alike.

Our directors believe enriching lives of our people enriches us. Health Auric is a bundled product with a literal focus on “Health is Wealth”. We don’t just offer body care but also monetary independence and happiness.With more than 12000 distributors across India and plans to expand internationally soon, backed up by 42 varieties manufactured to seamless perfection, Health Auric has the potential to invest your trust in. Realibility and innovation homes here. We are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company.

With 5000+ distributors across (business network) and plans to expand internationally soon, backed up by 42 varieties manufactured to seamless perfection, Health Auric has the potential to invest your trust in. Reliability and innovation homes here. We are a (Quality certification), ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

What you can look forward to at HA? Versatile work culture, enhanced business strategies, highest payout inside industry and unlimited growth possibilities! Health Auric prepares the launch pad for your success and gives opportunities that empower. While ensuring a gratifying and sustainable ecosystem.


To win over unemployment and hammer down morbidity rates while fuelling in on the goodness of Ayurveda through Auric to
promote your health.

Health Auric is devoted to working for better tomorrow. We’re here to make your health as precious as gold and upraise employment graphs and health indexes. We are committed as a stable platform for both who are already in this trade as well as who are new. By giving great opportunities to grow with exclusive perks we make sure all of us perform outstanding.


To become synonymous with good health and wealth.

Our vision is to bring the benefits of direct selling to all who can think of it. While ensuring your health attains its golden state we’re helping you achieve your opulence. We see masses strongly recommending our brands in near future as we are becoming a one-stop-solution for all well being needs. Delivering quality range products with the tag of No. 1 at national level.


We strive to extend 360 degree wellness to everyone

Health Auric started a dream with an aspiration to make world class health care accessible for everyone, in a manner that enables people to build wealth on their own terms. We aspire to be a leading and dependable name in wellness and direct selling.


To nurture different body systems leading to overall well-being with the boon of natural products delivered to your doorstep! Heal with the goodness of nature.


To establish trust within our community by building prudent and rewarding relation with our associates, customers, partners & the entire Health Auric Family!


To create a purposeful channel with rewarding relationships, life changing business opportunities, holistic happens & blissful caregiving! And take responsibility to grow with the ever- evolving market.


Completely safe and chemical-free products produced to cater to your Skincare and Healthcare needs.

To ensure you get the best of everything that caters to your routine taste needs, we offer everything from sweet, savory to brewing options.

To fulfill all your vitamin needs through our healthy selection of supplements to better shine your health and inernal system.

You are what you eat. But don't forget only when you chew well! No kidding here your mouth is as essential as other body parts and we care for it equally.

Environment and lifestyle cautious products that breathe sterlity in your home with every use! Yep, they are skin friendly too.


We stand srong because of our company values. Health Auric is a ‘distribution first’ company, i.e we personally take charge of growth and well-being for our people with utmost integrity and esteem.

We acknowledge that distributors re the assests of our company. Any country excels only when its citizens are skilled to run the system. That’s why we work to upskill, educate, empower, and groom individuals alongside providing superior welfare products. Our people keep us going, our growth lies in theirs’.

We are a teaching institute of direct selling. We minimize company margin so that our distributors get the most out of us. Our directors have been pioneers of this industry and when it comes to direct selling they are aware and understand how to start from scratch. With their industrial experience and determination, they work hard to make it easy and achievable for you. Our work strategy focuses majorly on helping out with budgeting and accessibility for our distributors.

Health Auric has a motive to see our customers, patrons, partners , associates, and their families happy with an intent to spread wings of quality nurturing through Ayurveda across our country & beyond. We provide best quality products, offers, incentives and support with honesty.

We value our team and provide leadership as a company and as individuals. We work such a manner that the wealth we recieve is optimally utilized for the best of our customers in terms of services and products.